BIG GIGS [The Whole Scoop]

Just what is all the fuss about BIG GIGS? Well, in short, BIG GIGS are tender notices, requests for submissions, funding announcements and contract postings for professionals in multimedia and here's the place to get them! Through BIG GIGS, artists of all sorts are provided with opportunities to bid on corporate engagements and/or compete for public exhibition and sale of their various works or productions. In order to qualify as a BIG GIG each item must retain a minimum, or intrinsic value of $1000.00, in Canadian funds. BIG GIGS is a sure-fire resource for industry. BIG GIGS is a forum whereby suppliers and artists connect with purchasers. BIG GIGS gets results fast!! And BIG GIGS is 100% FREE!!! Check them out right here!

BIG GIGS is available in two formats - our FREE Version (a bunch of them, online right here) and our other FREE version (fill in our teeny weeny subscription form and receive our complete listing by e-mail, as soon as they come in).

Tendering corporations establish their own strict deadline requirements, which makes BIG GIGS the fastest way to obtain proposals from some of the finest talent there is. Everywhere.

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