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If you manage any sort of corporate enterprise, you already know most multimedia designers will jump through hoops to win one of your contracts. And whether you acquire their services on a regular or very occasional basis, the time you invest in tendering your projects can be daunting. Perhaps you've been working with the same professionals for years. You may be able to rely on their talents, but if you don't know who else is out there, you're missing out on important ways of enhancing your image.

With Keylight, you can assemble multiple proposals within days, or even hours. This affords you a shorter lead time, and plenty more free time! By the way, we'd like to mention, tendering your project via BIG GIGS is entirely free of cost! You pay no fees or commissions and are under no obligation of any kind. (Apart from the supplier who does expect to be paid.) Now, perhaps you're wondering why you never did this before? Well, we know life is full of great mysteries.

At Keylight, we take a communications approach to the word "multimedia". This means photography, videography, cinematography, computer-generated imaging, illustration, graphic specialties, website/interface design, prepress and offset printing are a few of the many talents our members have to offer. Most BIG GIGS participants have no less than 15 years of professional experience. There are two criteria: You must maintain very high standards, and your project must offer a minimum remuneration of $1000.00 in Canadian Funds.

Our subscribers are all professionals who deal directly with you! Once you receive their submissions, please contact them directly. Keylight is not an agency or talent representative and we never take commissions on your project. At keylight, we promote access to multimedia. That's what we're all about.
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