BIG GIGS [Official Rules and Regulations]

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Members declare that they are legally entitled to fulfill the work of any contract they may ascertain, whether or not they are domiciled in the country, state or province where the work takes place.

Members are fully responsible for any work which is undertaken, within as well as without the place where they are domiciled. Keylight and BIG GIGS are under no obligation to supply members with any business. Participation in BIG GIGS is solely for the purpose of receiving referrals, which artists  may or may not elect to pursue.

Members agree to fully indemnify and hold Keylight Communications, it's principals, sponsors, agents, employees, representatives, heirs and successors blameless from any responsibility, with respect to any matter involving any work as a professional artist. This indemnification remains effective while in the undertaking of any contract, whether or not this engagement was made through Keylight and/or BIG GIGS, and remains in effect at any time in the future, whether or not any contractual engagement and/or any membership within BIG GIGS remains current.

Members must have attained the age of 21 years and be legally entitled to conduct professional enterprise, which is a requirement for participation in BIG GIGS.

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