Barry Shainbaum [Hope and Heroes]

  1. Nelson Mandela (Former South African President.)

  2. Shimon Peres (Former Israeli Prime Minister, Peres won the 1994 Nobel Peace Prize for his efforts to create peace in the Middle East. He is also the author of ten best-selling books.)

  3. Reverend Billy Graham (Evangelist and messenger of love, hope and peace.)

  4. Martin Sheen (Veteran actor of such films as Apocalypse Now and environmental and anti-nuclear activist, has risked his life for causes such as the protection of baby seals in the Magdalene Islands.)

  5. Bonnie Raitt (Grammy winning singer/songwriter who has participated in over 200 benefit concerts and helped create the Rhythm and Blues Foundation, an organization aimed at improving the financial condition, recognition and royalty rates of R & B pioneers. She also initiated the Bonnie Raitt Fender Guitar Project in conjunction with Fenderand Boys and Girls Clubs of America to inspire inner city girls to play guitar.)

  6. Dr. Phil McGraw (Life Strategist and key player in Oprah Winfrey's triumphant win over the Texas Beef Cattle lawsuit.)

  7. Dr. Jane Goodall (Founded the "Jane Goodall Institute" which increases awareness and education of non-invasive research of all primates, promotes activities that ensure the well-being of all animals and issues relating to inter-relationships with each other, animals and the environment.)

  8. Arun Gandhi (The grandson of the great Mahatma Gandhi, Arun has dedicated his life's work to fostering non-violent solutions to serious societal problems through his Center for Social Unity in India. He has authored five books and travels the world speaking about non-violence, racism and anger management.)

  9. Dr. Wayne Dyer (Author and noted self-help psychologist.)

  10. Craig Kielburger (16 year old child labour activist, author and head of "Free the Children", an organization whose aim is to spread awareness and pass legislation against the exploitation of children everywhere.)

  11. Norbert Reinhart (Canadian businessman who selflessly traded positions with an employee captured and taken hostage by an extremist guerilla group in south America and lived for three and one-half months as a political prisoner.)

  12. Dr. John Gray (Best-selling author of "Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus" and Oprah Winfrey regular, Dr. Gray has assisted millions with his relationship seminars, workshops and lectures.)

  13. Duncan Sheik (Grammy-nominated singer/songwriter who has donated his time to many causes including bringing musical instruments to the children of Kosovo and performing for many AIDS and world peace events.)

  14. John Robbins (Environmental/author of "Diet for a New America" and founder of "EarthSave", an organization aimed at assisting people of all ages in reclaiming their medical independence and to promote environmental education for the planet.)

  15. Dr. Robert Schuller (Television evangelist and esteemed motivational speaker.)

  16. Monty Hall (Television icon, Host of "Let's Make A Deal" who has raised over three quarters of a billion dollars for various charitable causes.)

  17. Dune Lankard (Environmentalist who has spearheaded a movement to save Alaska's "Copper River Delta" from destruction.)

  18. Julia Butterfly Hill (The activist, who on a mission to save the endangered California Redwoods from clear-cutting, has made one of the 20-storey trees her home for over two years as a protest against their destruction.)

  19. Dr. Nancy Olivieri (Medical doctor and scientist who took on drug companies and the medical establishment when she discovered a drug used to treat children had potentially serious and harmful side effects.)

  20. Rick Hansen (Wheelchair athlete and founder of the "Rick Hansen Institute" whose mission is to "remove the barriers that limit people with disabilities from reaching their full potential".)

  21. Diane Dupuy (Founded the highly successful "Famous People Players" whose theatrical productions are performed primarily by mentally handicapped people.)

  22. Graham Kerr/Formerly Galloping Gourmet (One of the world's most beloved chefs, he dramatically changed his techniques to preach healthy, low-fat cooking after nearly losing his wife to a heart attack in 1986. He shares his message of combining "sound nutrition with creative cooking" on an international level.)

  23. Elizabeth O'Donnell (Former professional figure-skater and founder of "SABAH", an organization that encourages and sets up programs for children with physical and mental disabilities to participate in the sport of ice-skating.)

  24. Alan Roy Scott (Founder of "Music Bridges Around the World", a non-profit organization that bridges cultures by bringing celebrities together to perform in controversial locations across the world. Destinations have included USSR, Romania, Indonesia and Cuba.)

  25. Chris Robertson (First person in history to travel under his own steam by bicycle from the bottom to the top of mainland Canada. A motivational speaker who spoke along his journey, asked the question "What will you do to make Canada a better place to live?")

  26. Art Linkletter (Emmy winning, Grammy award winning television and radio personality, he has also been active in anti-drug, literacy and physical fitness campaigns as well as an active Board member of Kaiser Hospitals and French Foundation for Alzheimers Disease.)

  27. Dr. Nathaniel Branden (Leading psychologist and best-selling author, Dr. Branden is referred to as "the father of the concept of self-esteem".)

  28. Uri Geller (World renowned psychic and author, Uri teaches that his abilities are not exclusive and as we learn to believe in ourselves, we too can tap into the ninety percent of the brain that is seldom used.)

  29. Annie Chau (This teenager founded and runs the non-profit organization Artspan which provides juvenile delinquents, underprivileged and mentally disabled children with free arts education.)

  30. Judy Hensley and the Grade 7 class of Wallins Elementary School (This Wallins Creek, Kentucky school teacher and her students embarked on a successful letter writing campaign to save the peak of a local mountain from destruction for coal mining purposes.)

  31. Dr. Helen Caldicott (Author and Founder of Physicians for Social Responsibility, an organization committed to educating colleagues about the dangers of nuclear power, weapons and war. Dr. Caldicott also played a major role in her native Australia's opposition to French atmospheric testing in the Pacific. Her continued protests against nuclear war has spanned the globe. She is the recipient of many awards and prizes and was nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize.)

  32. Michael O'Neal (After his small Northern California community was devastated by mudslides and floods caused by excessive clear-cutting of nearby ancient redwood trees, O'Neal spearheaded a groundbreaking lawsuit against the lumber company responsible. His relentless campaigning has brought international attention to the case and is helping to set new preventative legislation. He also saved many lives after alerting neighbors to the destruction headed their way.)

  33. Jawdat Ibrahim (After winning over twenty million dollars U.S. in a lottery, Jawdat returned to his Israeli-Arab village of Abu Ghosh and set up an educational foundation to help local youth and underprivileged villagers.)

  34. Gordie and Colleen Howe (Also known as Mr. and Mrs. Hockey, this dynamic duo have raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for charity and have made incredible contributions to the sport they have dedicated their lives to.)

  35. Jeni Le Gon (A dancer and actor, she overcame great obstacles to become the first African-American woman to sign a long-term contract with a major Hollywood film studio. She is the subject of an award winning documentary "Living in a Great Big Way" which highlights her determination to overcome racial stereotypes in 1930's show business.)

  36. Jerry Goodis (the advertising executive who built one of the most successful agencies in the world despite his refusal to work for big money products such as war toys and tobacco.)

  37. Deanna Durrett (After discovering how easy it was for children to buy cigarettes, Deanna, then 13, successfully campaigned to have cigarette vending machines removed from restaurants in her hometown of Louisville, Kentucky. Now 18, she recently became the recipient of The National Youth Advocate of the Year award from Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids, the country's largest non-governmental anti-smoking initiative.)

  38. Dr. Jeffrey S. Wigand (The subject of the film "The Insider", Wigand blew the whistle on big tobacco after years of conducting scientific research at Brown and Williamson. The information he provided allowed the Food and Drug Administration to regulate tobacco as well as forever changing the history of public opinion, political balance of power and the legal landscape in America. Wigand has since founded Smoke-Free Kids, an organization aimed at educating children on the perils of smoking.)

  39. Dr. Maya Angelou (The celebrated poet and author has inspired millions with her empowering words, ideas and vision of a better world through her written work and lectures. She is the National Ambassador for UNICEF and a Grammy award winner for her spoken word album "Even the Stars Look Lonesome" among many other awards and accolades.)

  40. Nancy Brinker (Breast cancer survivor and founder of the Susan G. Komen Foundation, named after her sister who perished from the disease. The Foundation has raised over $225 million for breast cancer research.)

  41. Edward Asner (Co-star of The Mary Tyler Moore Show, a dedicated social activist.)

  42. Major General (ret'd) Lewis MacKenzie (One of the few Canadians to command a UN mission, the only Canadian to twice be awarded the Meritorious Service Cross for bringing credit to his profession and his country.)

  43. Kim Phuc (Kim was badly burned by napalm during the Vietnam war. The Pulitzer winning photo of Kim was instrumental in turning American public opinion against the war. Kim now lives in Canada and her foundations help children terrorized by war.)

  44. Lucas Benitez (Lucas is an activist committed to raising wages and improving working conditions for immigrant farm workers in Florida. Many farm workers have not had an increase in pay for twenty years.)

  45. Dr. Edgar Mitchell (Dr. Mitchell was the sixth man to walk on the moon. On his return he created "The Institute of Noetic Sciences", an organization to research and understand the meaning of consciousness.)

  46. Senator Joseph Lieberman (Involved in environmental and morality issues. He was the first Democrat to criticize President Clinton for his indiscretions with Monica Lewinsky.)

  47. Silken Laumann (Canadian Olympic medallist who overcame great physical adversity.)

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