Lucie Gadoury  Third Dimension
Lucie Gadoury

Lucie, black and white anaglyph

Stereo photography became my passion from the moment that I saw my first 3D slide presentation.

The creation of a third dimension meant that traditional rules of composition had also been altered. In fact, there were no defined rules, existing guidelines or a point of reference. The multi-dimensional journey to find the formula and take some control over the medium proved to be an interesting one. After 14 years of shooting stereo images, the medium does not cease to surprise me.

Most of the stereo images displayed were shot with the Realist stereo camera. My camera was built in 1952 or 1953 and is easy to travel with and uses 35 mm film. There is both a right and left lens approximately 2.5 inches apart. For a concise look at the camera refer to Dr. T's Stereo Realist Page:

I also shoot with the Soviet Sputnik stereo camera first manufactured in the mid 1950's. It takes 6 stereo pairs 6 cm X 6 cm on 120 film. The film is scanned and the images are manipulated in Photoshop and Stereo Image Factory. The rest is magic.

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Anaglyph images, either colour or black and white, are created from two photographic sources with individual left and right images superimposed and assigned the complimentary colours red and blue. Red/blue cellophane glasses correspond to the colours of this layered image and allow each eye to see only the image intended for that eye, thus creating the stereo or "3D" effect.

View the anaglyph composite above through red/blue cellophane glasses, placing the red side over your left eye.

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