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I first exhibited the photography of my dear friend Mary Pocock in 1998 with River Dialogue, a simple slideshow to celebrate her art, and the message of her beautiful life. By then, Mary was nearing the end of her anticipated days. The outlook was bleek, but happily, she thrived well enough to help me follow up with River Dialogue: Earth. By 2002 Mary had already outlived every professional prognosis by nearly a decade, and The Pocock Diaries was born. I personally never imagined that ten more installments would come along, and that her blog could continue for another two years. Mary's art conveys unexpected truths about the meaning of existence, about beating all of the odds and about dying with dignity. Her approach was simple catharsis; an elegant achievement that so many women, across Canada and around the globe took much from. It has been six years since she left us but I personally believe she's still here and very much a timeless feature, so I have no immediate plans to archive this inspired piece.
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